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8/18 Molly Bee 1939 Singer-C&W
8/18 Rosalynn Carter 1927 Ex-Pres Carter's Wife
8/18 Roberto Clemente 1934 Dead; Baseball
8/18 Rafer Johnson 1935 Athlete/Actor; Won Decathlon In 1960 Olympics; F-Soul Soldier, Red
8/18 Martin Mull 1943 Entertainer
8/18 Roman Polanski 1933 Director;F-Rosemary's Baby, Chinatown, Tess,
8/18 Johnny Preston 1939 "Singer-""Running Bear"", ""Cradle Of Love"", ""Free Me""
8/18 Robert Redford 1937 F-All The President's Men, Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid,
8/18 Shelley Winters 1922 Oscar-Diary Of Anne Frank/A Patch Of Blue; Nom. Oscar-A Place In The

8/19 June Collyer 1907 Died-1968; H-Stuart Erwin; TV-Trouble With Father (W/Her Father)++
8/19 Gerald Mc Raney
8/19 Colleen Moore 1900 F-The Front Page (Star), Little Orphan Annie, April Showers, Scarlet
8/19 Johnny Nash 1940 "Singer-""Hold Me Tight"" '68, ""I Can See Clearly Now""
8/19 Ogden Nash 1902 Dead; Poet
8/19 Willie Shoemaker 1931 Jockey
8/19 Jill St. John 1940 F-Diamonds Are Forever,The Oscar, Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed+
8/19 Orville Wright 1871 Aviator (Dead)

8/20 Connie Chung 1946 TV News
8/20 Isaac Hayes 1942 "Soul Singer-""Walk On By"", ""By The Time I Get To Phonex""; Oscar Score-"
8/20 Craig Nettles 1944
8/20 James Pankow 1947 "Trombone-Chicago; ""Make Me Smile""+"
8/20 Robert Plant 1947 "Lead Vocal-Led Zeppelin; ""Fool In The Rain""+"
8/20 Alan Reed 1907 Died-1977; Voice Of Fred Flintstone 'The Flintstones'; F-Breakfast At
8/20 Jim Reeves 1924 "Died-1964 In Plane Crash;Singer-""He'll Have To Go"", ""Bimbo""
8/20 Jacqueline Susann 1921 Dead; Author-Valley Of The Dolls+

8/21 Count Basie 1904 Died-4/25/84; Jazz Band Leader
8/21 Marie Blake 1896 Older Sister Of Jeanette Macdonald; TV-Addams Family (Granny)
8/21 Wilt Chamberlain 1936 (Basketball)31419 Points
8/21 Jackie Deshannon 1944 "Female Singer/Writer-""What The World Needs Now"", ""Bette Davis Eyes"","
8/21 Princess Margaret 1930 (Of Scotland)
8/21 Patty Mc Cormack 1945 "TV-""Peck's Bad Girl"";(Played Troubled Teenager In Films);F-Bad Seed"
8/21 Harold Reid 1939 "Singer-Statler Brothers; ""Flowers On The Wall"", ""Bed Of Roses""
8/21 Kenny Rogers 1938 "Singer; Actor F-Six Pack; ""She Believes In Me""
8/21 Kim Sledge 1957 "Rock Group-Sister Sledge;""We Are Family"" Was Anthem For World Champion"

8/22 Elisabeth Bergner 1900 "B-Poland, Nom. Oscar ""Escape Me Never""(1935); F-The Pedestrian+"
8/22 Ron Dante 1945 "Singer-Archies; ""Sugar Sugar"", ""Jingle Jangle""
8/22 Valerie Harper 1940 TV-Rhoda (Star); Mary Tyler Moore Show; F-Freebie & The Bean,
8/22 Cecil Kellaway 1893 Died-1973; 100+ Films; Nom. Oscar-Luck Of The Irish/Guess Who's Coming
8/22 Kathy Lennon 1942 Singer-Law. Welk
8/22 Dorothy Parker 1893 Died-1967; Writer, Poet+; F-A Star Is Born, The Fan, The Little Foxes+
8/22 Diana Sands 1934 Died-1973; F-A Raisin In The Sun+
8/22 Cindy Williams 1947 F-Am Graffiti;TV-(Shirley) Lavern & Shirley; F-1st Nudie Musical,
8/22 Carl Yastrzemski 1939 Baseball

8/23 Rex Allen, Jr. 0 Singer:Me & My R.C.+
8/23 Bob Crosby 1913 Bandleader-Brother Of Bing C.
8/23 Barbara Eden 1934 TV-I Dream Of Jeannie, How To Marry A Millionaire, F-Harper Valley Pta
8/23 Gene Kelly 1912 "Dancer/Singer,""Singing In The Rain""Nom. Oscar-On The Town, Cover Girl+"
8/23 Shelley Long 1949 TV-Cheers (Diane Chambers);
8/23 Patricia Mc Bride 1942 TV-The Nutcraker (TV Special)
8/23 Vera Miles 1929 F-Psycho; (Hitchcock's)-The Wrong Man, Twilight's Last Gleaming+
8/23 Mark Russell 1932 TV-Bionic Woman, Kojak (Detective Saperstein); [Washington Satirist]
8/23 Rick Springfield 1949 Rock Star-The Boss

8/24 Kenny Baker 1934 Dwarf-Played R2d2 In Star Wars
8/24 Helena Carter 1923 F-Invaders From Mars, Pathfinder, Golden Hawk+
8/24 Preston Foster 1902 Died-1970; 100+ Films; F-Time Travelers, Man From Galveston+
8/24 Monty Hall 1923 TV-Let's Make A Deal; Started In 1963; (Anno-Jay Stewart;Model-Carol
8/24 Dennis James 1917 TV-Can You Top This?; Chance Of A Lifetime; Howard Miller Show; Dennis
8/24 Durwood Kirby 1912 TV-Appeared With Gary Moore; TV-Candid Camera, Sunday At The Bronz Zoo
8/24 Mason Williams 1938 TV-Writer/Composer; Smothers Brothers Show;

8/25 Leonard Bernstein 1918 Composer-On The Waterfront,West Side Story
8/25 Clara Bow 1905 "Died-1965;""It"" Girl In Roaring 20's; F-It, Hoopla, Her Wedding Night+"
8/25 Sean Connery 1930 1st James Bond-Dr. No; F-Robin Hood (Robin), Bridge To Far+
8/25 Elvis Costello 1954
8/25 Don Defore 1917 (Cedar Rapids)
8/25 Mel Ferrer 1917 War & Peace,Lost Boundaries, Wait Until Dark, Born To Be Bad,
8/25 Rollie Fingers 1946 Baseball
8/25 Richard Greene 1918 TV-Robin Hood;F-Fighting O'flynn, My Lucky Star+
8/25 Van Johnson 1916 F-Caine Mutiny,A Guy Named Joe, Yours Mine & Ours, Washington Story+
8/25 Ruby Keeler 1909 Broadway-Sidewalks Of N.Y.; F-42nd Street, Gold Diggers, Ready Willing
8/25 Michael Rennie 1909 Died-1971; TV-The Third Man (Star); F-Hotel, Lost World+
8/25 Gene Simmons 1949 "Bass-Group 'Kiss'; ""Shout It Out Loud""+"
8/25 George Wallace 1919 Shot While Campaigning For President

8/26 John Wilkes Booth 1838 Dead; Killed Lincoln
8/26 Vic Dana 1942 "Singer-""Little Altar Boy"" Christmas Song '61, ""Red Roses For A Blue"
8/26 Jim Davis 1915 "Died-1981; Lead With Betty Davis In ""Winter Meeting""; F-Rio Lobo+"
8/26 Lee De Forest 1873 B-C. Bluffs, Ia.;Died-1961; 300 Patented Inventions Contributed To
8/26 Geraldine Ferraro 1935 1st Female V.P. Candiate (1984)
8/26 Georgia Gibbs 1926 "Female Singer-""If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd Baked A Cake"", ""Kiss Of"

8/27 Jeff Cook 1949 "Rock Group-Alabama; ""The Closer You Get"", ""My Home In Alabama""
8/27 Daryl Dragon 1942 "Captain & Tennile; TV-(1976-77); Keyboards;""Love Will Keep Us Together"
8/27 Samuel Goldwyn 1882 Died-1974; Producer-Metro/Goldwyn/Mayer; F-Best Years Of Our Lives,
8/27 Micki Haller 1968 (Niece)
8/27 Lyndon Johnson 1908 Dead--36th President
8/27 Martha Raye 1916 Stage-Hello Dolly,No No Nanette; TV-Polident
8/27 Tommy Sands 1937 Popular Rock & Roll Singer/Guitarist; TV-Hawaii Five-O, F-Longest Day
8/27 Mother Teresa Of India 1910 (Nobel Winner)
8/27 Tuesday Weld 1943 At 10; Tried Suicide At 12; X/H-Dudley Moore; F-Looking For Mr Goodbar

8/28 Charles Boyer 1897 Died-1978; F-April Fools, Barefoot In The Park;Co-Founder 4 Star Prod.
8/28 Ben Gazzara 1930 TV-Run For Your Life, Arrest & Trial; F-Anatomy Of A Murder+
8/28 Billy Grammer 1925 "Singer-""Gotta Travel On"" '58"
8/28 Nancy Kulp 1921 TV-Beverly Hillbillies (Bank Sec.-Jane Hathaway), The Little People,
8/28 Wayne Osmond 1951 "Singer-The Osmonds; ""One Bad Apple""+"
8/28 Peggy Ryan 1924 F-Teamed W/Donald O'conner;TV-Hawaii 5-O (Jack Lord's Sec)
8/28 Daniel Seraphine 1948 "Drums-Chicago: ""Make Me Smile""
8/28 David Soul 1943 TV-Starsky & Hutch (Ken Hutchinson/Star); Casablanca (Star);

8/29 Sir Richard Attenborough 1923 F-Flight Of The Phoenix, Dr. Dolittle, Sand Pebbles+
8/29 Ingrid Bergman 1913 Died (8/82); F-For Whom The Bell Tolls; Casablanca, Joan Of Arc+
8/29 William Fiedkin 1939
8/29 Elliott Gould 1938 F-Mash, The Night They Raided Minsky's, A Bridge Too Far+
8/29 Richard Halligan 1943 "Keyboards-Blood, Sweat & Tears; ""Spinning Wheel""+"
8/29 Michael Jackson 1958 "Singer-The Jacksons; Album-""Thriller""; ""Beat It"", ""Billie Jean""+"
8/29 Peter Jennings 1938 Abc TV News
8/29 George Montgomery 1916 One Of 14 Children; X/W-Dinah Shore; TV-Cimarron City (Star);
8/29 Isabel Sanford 1917 (Louise-Wife) In The Jeffersons
8/29 Barry Sullivan 1912 F-Earthquake, Oh God, Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here; TV-Harbormaster
8/29 Dinah Washington 1924 "Died-12/14/63; Singer-""What A Difference A Day Makes"" '59,"

8/30 Elizabeth Ashley 1939 S-(Maggie-Cat On Hot Tin Roof);F-Carpetbaggers, Ship Of Fools+
8/30 Julie Bishop 1914 F-High & The Mighty, Big Land, Tillie & Gus, Sands Of Iwo Jima+
8/30 Joan Blondell 1909 Died-1979; 10 Films/Yr, F-Greese, Champ, Support Your Local Gunfighter
8/30 Shirley Booth 1907 F-Come Back Little Sheba,The Matchmaker; TV-Hazel (Star)
8/30 Timothy Bottoms 1950 F-Paper Chase, Last Picture Show, Johnny Got His Gun, Rollarcoaster+
8/30 Dale Hawkins 1938 "Singer-""Susie Q""
8/30 Jean-Claude Killy 1943 (Skiing)
8/30 Peggy Lipton 1947 TV-Mod Squad (Julie Barnes); John Forsythe Show (Joanna);
8/30 Fred Mac Murray 1908 TV-My 3 Sons;F-Absent Minded Professor, Kisses For My President,Son Of
8/30 Raymond Massey 1896 Died 7/29/83;TV-Dr. Kildare (Dr. Gillespie);F-Played Lincoln In Abe
8/30 Donald O'connor 1925 F-Francis The Mule Series; F-Tom Sawyer/Detective (Tom), Singin' In
8/30 Regina Resnik 1924
8/30 Kitty Wells 1919 1st Queen Of C/M; Voted #1 Female
8/30 Ted Williams 1918 (Baseball)

8/31 Richard Basehart 1914 Died-9/18/84 TV-Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, F-Moby Dick, Hitler++
8/31 Warren Berlinger 1937 50-60's F-Blue Denim, I Will-I Will, The Shaggy D.A., Thunder Alley+
8/31 James Coburn 1928 B-Laurel,Nb.F-Our Man Flint, In Like Flint, Baltimore Bullet+
8/31 Arthur Godfrey 1903 Died-3/16/83 Broadcaster In Early Radio
8/31 Buddy Hackett 1924 (Leonard Hacker); Comedian; F-Mad Mad World, Love Bug, Muscle Beach
8/31 Hugh Harman 1908 Died-1982; Animator; Cited By Nobel Prize Jury For Animated Film-Peace
8/31 Fredric March 1897 Died-1975; 1st Oscar-Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde; 2nd Oscar-The Best Years Of
8/31 Van Morrison 1945 "Singer-""Brown Eyed Girl"" #10; ""Moon Dance""+"


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